Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 13 2010.

Oh hell no I did not! Oh yes I did! I just updated my Blogspot again! It's been a while since I last accessed this fucker up. XD Hello blogging world! New year new blog! AGAIN! Man this sucks.

Anyhow, 2009 was a blast. A lot of happenings, gigs, fun, sad, and depressing moments. But yeah, all of that is gone now. 2010 is be great for me! New years resolution you might ask? None! Never kept any of it anyways. XD

Still up at 2:20 in the morning and landed on this site for the nth time. i never really had a stable blog. Got lazy last year from blogging cause my other blog got erased for some unknown reasons. Blogspot sucks! But yeah, I am still using this service one way or the other. XD

Catch y'all later though. Gotta hit the sack now. XD

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